02 December 2013

Summer of reciprocity

Eek!  An old post that was never published!  I'm adding current iPhone pics, followed by the text from the beginning of last summer (i.e., 2012)!  Wow, I'm screaming a lot!  Woohoo!  Okay...I've got to stop.

That's what we're calling it, anyway.

For the last couple of years, we've had swim parties every Friday where we offered up our pool and served dinner.  Being able to invite specific families was a wonderful antidote to the ambiguity of hosting MOMS Club playdates because there was no guesswork as to how many would come and whether all the kids would get along and whether I'd have enough food (yes, I'm terrified of having a party and running out of food).

But this year, I think I'd be even happier if we restricted our guest list even more.

There are families who've repeated visited our home who have never once reciprocated.  Not a park date, not a group meeting, nothing.  I find this weird.  When someone asks how you are doing, isn't the usual, and quite automatic, response, "I'm [insert current state], and how are you?"  It's not crazy to expect reciprocity, right?  I've always wanted our home to have an open door and feel welcoming to friends, but it's not my intention to make it a public pool and cafe!

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