06 December 2013

Little notes that we leave for each other

Last summer, the gazebo floor was repainted...and Paxil traipsed right through it!  He made paint paw prints all over the yard and I never got around to cleaning it up.  But it turns out that this is all a good thing because during a recent rain, the dust ran off and it was like seeing my pooch all over again.  I cried.  A lot.  (Though it wasn't nearly as much as I wailed when I saw his stocking--this is my first Christmas without him!)

We have a chalkboard and we occasionally use to leave notes for each other.  In case the kids wondered or forgot, I wanted to remind them:

A2 drew me as a superhero.  See the MM on my belt?  That's for Might Mama!  Apparently, I have the power of flight and a super pet called Dynamo Dog.  Ha!  I didn't know he'd done it until I picked up a paper airplane and unfolded it before I put it in the shredder (to be reused as Mr. Fur Christopher bedding).  I think I got turbo boosters on my shoes.  Nice touch.

1 comment:

Ivan Chan said...

Okay, the dog prints part? Saddest. Post. Ever.

And the stocking?? Jeez.

I'm so sorry. I remember when you first got Paxil.