02 December 2013

I'm falling apart

I have so much to do but I've just raced through the aura stage and am now fully entrenched in the middle of a monster migraine.  While the migraine is not itself too much to worry about, it's the increased relative risk for stroke that stops me in my tracks.  Just a few years ago, a meta-analysis of 28, 000 women showed the risks associated with migraine with auras were either comparable or exceeded that of those with diabetes, morbid obesity, or extreme hypertension.  What the what?!?   Because, after all, the epidemiology tells me that ethnic minorities are already in hot water in terms of incidence and severity of stroke.

I suppose the only upside to this is that my age-related cognitive decline is also in full swing.  I'm constantly having that tip-of-the-tongue experience and I can barely keep a shopping list of 3 or 4 items in my head!  Soon, I'll forget about all the trouble the migraines are causing in my noggin and all will be fine again.  Yay?

Here are some totally unrelated soccer shots.  I have the worst soccer photos because I'm always on the field coaching!  These two images are the entirety of A2's season!

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