15 December 2013

Elf on the Shelf, Part I

You know, he's not called Elf Making Flour Angels or Elf Swings Wildly from the Rafters.  I think he was originally intended to move from one shelf to the next.  And only occasionally at that!

Randolph (Friend to Gandalf) came for a quick visit a little after Thanksgiving and returned on December 1st.  We found him on the foyer chandelier:

Playing air hockey:

Riding a dinosaur and walking two others:

Coloring an elf page:

The toothpaste looks like candy canes with its swirls of red and white:

Taking a zip line between the decorations:

Watering the plants:

It's a little difficult to see here, but he flew up to the top of our tree with his blue cape:

I don't think Ironman liked the hand he was dealt: 

Elf yoga?

Captured elf!

Who doesn't do a little binging around the holidays?

Coffee filter snowflakes:

Photographer elf snapping a shot of some of our favorite furry friends:


Michelle said...

LOL! Your elf is hilarious! :D I love seeing what parents do with their Elf on a Shelf. I'm far too lazy and uncreative for that.

Instead, we have a holiday Yoda who is placed in a very prominent part of the living room. We told TLE that he's a Jedi emissary to Santa Claus who will report to him on her behavior. Her response was to turn Yoda around so he can't see what she's doing :P

Lam said...

No good turning around is. Sees all Yoda does! :)