02 December 2013

Corporal punishment

Did you know that asking a child to run a lap is considered corporal punishment?  As an AYSO volunteer, I'm obliged to report incidents of witnessed or reported abuse.  So I'll just say that I may or may not have seen a coach for another team tell one of his players to run off his steam in a small lap.  I may or may not have found this completely reasonable and grounded in the empirical finding that physical activity can increase alertness. 

I don't know, maybe I would be more likely to report something like that at a Scouting event when running laps is not already part of the program.

Moderately related (mostly iPhone) photos:

Oh my goodness, I love this first pic that shows A2 and a big sister looking pretty engaged in the DJ's tour of the radio station while A1 could not be more bored by the experience, which he'd had with his den just 2 years ago.

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