14 October 2013


I'm such a blogging failure.  Now that the summer activities are over and we've moved well into the school year, the boys are less likely to visit the blog to see their images so there's no haste in posting.  Still, I need to do a photo dump!

Anna Banana likes to take herself out for swims.  She's independent like that.

Though it's probably got to do with the fact that we take her out there regularly enough that she thinks it's a daily occurrence.  

A1 wanted to see how far out he could stretch his balloon before it popped.  He got nervous and deflated it after this was captured:

The boys grew some reptiles in water.  I realize this "post" image would be much more compelling had I the "pre" versions for comparison.  But that takes the level of forethought that I clearly lack these days.

This is my friend Kristina Quinn and if you need a realtor in the N. Tustin area, she is a rock star.  I won't even hold the fact that she left me, still immersed in school volunteerism and drowning in glue and glitter, while she prances off into her magnificent adult world where she gets to make decisions and have conversations and fancy stuff like that.  See?  I'm not bitter at all.

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