02 September 2013

Two more days

These are images of the boys jumping in the ocean from weeks ago, but as of this writing, there are actually only two more days of summer break.  I really resent all the so-called funny images and quotes about exasperated parents who are counting the seconds until their kids are ushered off to school.  I have so thoroughly enjoyed every little bit of this summer.  And I'm awfully sad that it's coming to an end.  I have repeatedly tried to explain that I'm in The Zone, wherein the kids are independent enough to take care of themselves in so many ways, but I'm still cool enough that they are equally happy to hang out with either friends or with their dear old mother.  Besides, I'm far busier during the school year with my various volunteer duties than I am during the relaxed summer break.

I mean...really, why would I trade this for 6 hours of being stuck in a classroom?

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