15 September 2013

Things I'm quitting

Who can tolerate post after post of children frolicking in the sunshine with sand between their toes and not a worry in their heads?  It's September and any mildly fun activity must cease.  Let the drudgery begin!

I'm going to start this school year by making empty promises to myself and aiming for lofty, utterly unreachable heights by clearing my plate of that which is extraneous.  (Shyeah...right.)

My annual dues to MOMS Club were to be posted this month.  An undue amount of waffling later, I have decided that, after 6 years, it's finally time to let go.  I don't know most of the members in the Club any more and the boys are always the oldest ones at the events.  It's probably a long overdue decision but it carries with it the realization that my babies are anything but babies.  It also means that I've found my footing as a full-time stay-at-home mom and no longer need to rely on this lovely group to help me wrestle with all the issues inherent to being a new mom.

Two people just contacted me last Monday to schedule their Christmas family shoots.  I've kindly notified them that I'm no longer in business.  I let my website **poof** out of existence a few weeks ago and in October, my photo storage and delivery subscription will also run out.  That I'm busiest during Autumn, my favorite season, makes no sense.  There's no reason to pile more responsibilities onto an already hectic pre-Christmas season.  I'd rather make gingerbread houses with the boys.  Besides, every year, I am pummeled into a teary, shivering heap of migraine-ridden pathetic-ness.  I had an extremely restricted season last year and...voila...no migraines.  Let's make it two years in a row!

I've made cutbacks on my Scouting responsibilities.  I've designed an "out" by preparing the older Den that we may split if our numbers continue to rise.  We had 10 Wolves by the end of the school year and that was simply too many!  Also, rather than being the sole provider of snacks to both Dens, I've put the Bear families on a rotating snack schedule and I'm not going to provide snacks during the Go-See-It field trips for the Tigers.  I'm also going to ask someone to be our Pack representative at the Roundtable meetings so that I'm not the one to do it--evening meetings are the worst for me!  I don't even want to go out for fun after the sun goes down, why would I want to exit the house for a tedious responsibility?

Classroom duties will also be curtailed.  When I don't have an official title, I tend to come in extremely frequently and lose my entire day in the classroom.  While I don't yet know my responsibilities in the 3rd grade classroom, I'm now the designated 1st grade PE parent (about 4 hours every week), Garden Master (random trainings, garden duties, and once monthly garden visitations with the class), Art Master (in-service training and classroom teaching every other month), and class photographer (I'm only responsible for yearbook images, not day-to-day candid images).  Now, this may seem like a lot, but the discrete nature of these responsibilities absolves me of guilt when I say no to other requests that spontaneously arise throughout the year.  I've already declined several 1st grade tasks because I deliver other services to the class. Yippee!

As far as schoolwide responsibilities are concerned, I'm done with those photo rosters.  I've already completed the ones for the boys' classrooms and another for the lovely Kindergarten teacher both the boys had and that's it!  Finito!  They are a headache I don't need to shoulder.  I've also checked off the grant writing box on the PTO survey, and as much as I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to engage in this activity, I know my limits and will not do it unless I work alone or can pick my own committee members.  I'm very much a team player and truly enjoy the collaborative process that only a group of passionate, dedicated people can foster.  That means I hate slackers.  A lot.

Okay, I'm still coaching soccer even though I promised not to do it any more after last year.  That sort of stinks, but at least A2 is having a great time out there on the field and I'm getting some much needed exercise.  Besides, the soccer season is very short!

Unrelated pics of our final days before school at an Angels game and taking my mother, grandmother, and uncle ice skating follow:

And here are the boys on their first day of school.  I was a minimum day so we went to the beach afterward to soak in the last of summer vacation.

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Michelle said...

Boo, days in school! But hopefully this year will be kinder with less activities (for you)? Though, seriously, your "less" is still enough to make my eyes cross!! Go you!

Also, loving the photo of the boys with your mom and with grandma! A1's taller than she is with his skates on! They're so big now.