02 September 2013

Photo delivery relief

I'm neurotic about losing data so I can't shoot small JPGs.  That means I'm relegated to the bulk of RAW files which really shouldn't be left to their devices, even if all they need is a quick resizing for web use. 

I've been sitting on a set of preschool photos since...well...since A2 was actually registered in preschool.  Clearing them off my plate has been such a huge relief.  I know I'm a broken record, but quitting the business component (My website is officially offline: Yay!) of photography has been amazing!  Now I finally get to process my own images. 

Here's a pic I found of A2 and his preschool pod, which was comprised of 2 individual classrooms:

The boys are holding their Summer Bridge workbooks that they completed.  3rd to 4th Grade for A1 and 1st to 2nd Grade for A2--I find that I have to pick up the following year's text to review the previous year.  Strange.

A2's underwater camera is used to show the boys pretending to punch each other with such force that it leaves the recipient flying backwards.

Wonder Twin powers activate!

The boys and James rolling their carry-ons on the way back to Cali:

The dog like to elevate herself whenever possible.

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