02 September 2013

Days 13 & 14: Antietam

Gettysburg was horrible in the way Zion was horrible.  I'm sure there's great inherent value in both places, but I couldn't get past the crowds and tourist traps.  Antietam, on the other hand, rocked!  Obsessed as the boys may be by superhero fights and Jedi feats, there's nothing like the real thing to truly educate them on the costs of war--there were nearly 23 thousand dead, wounded, or missing in this battle!

After touring the visitor's center and viewing the reenactment film, we headed on the auto tour, which was arranged chronologically.

There were lots of monuments and historical places.

There were also lots of climbing of said monuments.

A2 is at the very top waving his arms:

There were also lots of farms...

...and children prancing about those farms.

Actually, this is a shot of A1 examining his stink bombs in the car because he refused to go back out in the head.

This is Burnside's bridge, with and without the boys.  Losing the bridge meant losing the battle, which itself meant losing the opportunity for the Confederacy to be recognized by Great Britain and France.  It also paved the way for Lincoln to push the Emancipation Proclamation.

All in all, our trip east meant learning about our government, current and past, in a palpable and memorable way for the boys.  I was pretty pleased with our two weeks away. 

This was our last sunset on vacation, looking out of the car window in Philadelphia. The 14th day was actually just a travel day on the plane.

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