01 August 2013

Foot growth

Confirming long-held beliefs based on anecdotal evidence, an empirical study recently confirmed that arch height and rigidity loss as well as joint laxity can be permanent effects of first pregnancies.  I knew this tidbit all along but somehow never acted on the knowledge.  Instead, I've been complaining about how my favorite brands have gone narrower and how my feet are simply not shaped for certain styles.  Well, as it turns out, I've been trying on the wrong size!  A few days ago, out of necessary, I was forced to try on a pair 1/2 a size up from my usual.  They felt great!  So I tried another...and another.  Yes, they ALL felt great!  My favorite styles and brands hadn't changed at all.  The only things that have changed are my now, hobbit-esque, giganto feet!

Here is a cute pic of the pooch to get your mind off of my enormous feet:

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