11 August 2013

Days 10, 11, & 12

We were in Virginia so we got a chance to visit Gettysburg on our way up to the river.  I don't know if Gettysburg is always crowded or if it the site was impacted only because the 150th anniversary had just passed.  I suspect it's the former given all the tourist trap-like businesses around town.  At least we found some rocks for the boys at one of the sites along the auto tour.

We finally reached the campsite!

The first day was just for setup and reminiscing with old friends, some of whom James has known since birth!  There used to be around 20 of them who'd come camping and rafting, but now, with all the children in tow, we numbered around 45 this year.  The second day was occupied by our drifting  down the Delaware River.  Pics from A2's waterproof camera:

Okay, sometimes, the water was a little rough and drifting doesn't properly describe it. Pictured are 2 of James' childhood friends.

James and A1 decided that the muddy water looked refreshing enough for a swim.  Ew.

All in all, even with the water snake and the white water and losing half our party part way down the river, the boys still LOVED it!

And I loved seeing a second generation of friends--these fire-obsessed boys are the sons of James' neighbors when he was a child and a college friend.  It's well worth my having to sleep in a lean-to for two nights.  Again: ew.

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