07 August 2013

Day 7: DC, part 2

The boys loved the tour of the Pentagon!  Sadly, and completely understandably, no photos were allowed once we left the visitor area.

Then we walked...and walked and walked

...until we reached the Natural History Museum.

Impossible to see back there, but he's giving the thumbs up to his first grade project: the sugar glider.

I only have these pics of us waiting outside the building (note how all three security guards are looking right at the boys, waiting for a false step) for our Supreme Court lecture.  The boys were less thrilled by this visit, but I absolutely loved it!

The National Gallery of Art was yet another visit that I enjoyed more than the boys!  Here they are, looking pretty happy before entering the museum, having not yet realized that they will be staring at paintings for the next hour or so.

This was as close as we could get to the White House.  The last time James and I were in DC (eons ago, well before the children arrived), we knew someone who knew someone who was able to get us in for a brief tour.  It was pretty awesome.

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