03 August 2013

Day 4: Valley Forge

To be frank, I expected our visit to last an hour or so at best.  But we loved it so much, we ended up spending the entire day exploring history in the most palpable way possible.

They were pretty excited when they saw the first cannon.

But after a while, it wasn't such a big deal any more.

It took an entire field of cannons before I could get a reaction out of them again.

And let's not even talk about the log and clay cabins. A bazillion of them strewn all over the grounds! (It was like that time we went to a national park in Arizona. The first few pueblo ruins were pretty awesome, but after a while, they became indistinguishable from one another.) Though the boys did very much enjoy being able to bunk up like the soldiers once did.

Mostly, they enjoyed learning about the redoubts

...and seeing the various monuments.

A1 was especially fond of the Baron's statue as they share a middle name!

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