03 July 2013

Refugee fat

I have a friend who labels her husband's condition as skinny fat.  She describes his build as normal, bordering on slight, but adds that he lacks the stamina and strength of similarly built people.  I suppose that makes me fat skinny because I have been and will likely forever remain overweight.  But I've recently started living a more active lifestyle and feel great.  I have the endurance of someone who looks much hotter than I do!

I blame it on my slow, post-40 metabolism.  I also blame it on my being a refugee (yes, this garners immoderate blame/credit for a lot of things).  I remember being hungry, wanting food but not having it.  I remember crying from not being able to eat.  I will NEVER go back there.  I cannot restrict my diet.  The instant I feel hunger, I correct the situation with lightning speed and to regrettable excess.   The best I can do is to substitute junk with readily available healthy foods. 

Marginally unrelated, terrible iPhone photo with poles coming out of the boys' heads:

I say it's on-topic because you can tell I'm on the ice, which means I'm being active!

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