27 July 2013

iPhone and Nikon love

I'm obsessed (OBSESSED, I say!) with these images captured by my outdated iPhone 4 at Crystal Cove State Park.  Maybe it's not exactly fair because they came in through the camera, but eventually came out through Lightroom after some rotating (I can't hold something that small squarely!) and some gratuitous antiquing.  Still, I didn't have to crop or sharpen--just crushed the blacks and altered the temperature and tint a bit.

They found another pair of brothers to play with!

Why have I been relying on my phone so much?  I got used to it when the D4 had to return to its mother ship.  My beloved DSLR lost its rubber toggle switch.  UPS quoted a jaw-dropping $110 to ship the body.  Since we are fortunately enough to be within driving distance to the west coast repair center, the camera hitched a ride with us up to LA on our way out for the weekend.  We got to the counter late Friday morning and I was given warranty treatment even though my year had expired.  I got it back in my hands Wednesday afternoon, free of charge.  Nikon replaced the rubber, but also replaced the card cover, adjusted the auto focus operation, and checked the bayonet mount and flash operation and gave it an overall general cleaning.  Even the shipping back to me was free.  Yay Nikon!

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