17 July 2013

I'm no snob!

My stupid vertical multiselector rubber casing fell off somewhere on the Cub Scout day camp grounds and now I have to send my D4 into Nikon to be fixed (even though it's not longer under warranty) because they don't sell the spare part anywhere.  Bleh.  What a pain!

I was relegated to my iPhone to record today's activities...and I totally didn't mind.  I think people get the impression that only giant DSLRs are good enough for me, but I'm actually quite happy as long as I'm able to capture the memories somehow.

Morning hike:

Afternoon beach trip:

Evening inline skating:

Okay, the truth is that I would have loved to have used the DSLR instead by the end of the day.  Most of those action shots were so blurry and while I believe there is great artistry in slow shutter speed images, this was not one of those times I wanted to use said artistry.

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