01 July 2013

Found treasure!

You know that feeling when you pull out those crumpled bills from your dryer?  That's how I feel when I find a photo about which I'd totally forgotten from my phone!  This one of the boys flicking sand behind them was from back in March.

I might be crazy, and I'm certainly biased, but I always advise expectant parents to forgo expensive strollers and fancy cribs (worn, cosleeping babies need neither of these things so this is how I know I'm biased) and just invest in a good camera as their one indulgent bit of baby gear.  These memories are too precious and my brain isn't nearly as reliable as it used to be!


Michelle said...

Totally agreed but am also biased ;) Gigs of memories over future garage sale fodder? Totally fine with it.

Lam said...

Are you dutifully filling up your drives? You know, it's not a hobby if you don't actually engage in it. ;)

Michelle said...

Not nearly as much as I've been intending to, which is sad considering how much we've been out and about. Need to change that.