27 July 2013

Cub Scout day camp

I learn quite a number of things at day camp every year.  The first thing I figured out was that it's pretty much a total replay of the same events year after year.  Don't get me wrong, archery, BB guns, woodworking projects, outdoor cooking, etc. are all fabulously fun.  But I'm not sure they're necessary year after year considering the fact that we can and have replicated every one of these activities in our own at home.  Not only do we have a full sized archery set, more guns than most would deem appropriate, and a full assortment of power tools, we even replicate the group interaction with our own den meetings. 

This is my not-so-subtle way of promising myself that I will not go through with day camp again next year. 

It was physically draining to be camp photographer last year.  I marched up and down the hill over and over and over again throughout the day (and everyone knows how much I can't stand being in heat and sun).  Then, I stayed up until 2am every night to edit and immediately upload the images...only to start again at 7am the following day.  At the end of it all, I sorted about 2000 images by day and rank to give parents a full view of their kids throughout the day via the group site.

This year, even though I was anointed Sports Director, I actually engaged in less physical work.  But it was a horrible mental strain.  Rallying hormonal, curmudgeonly teenage volunteers who were assigned to my station was draining to say the least.  But I think the worst of it was witnessing the lackadaisical, distracted adult volunteer den leaders who dragged their feet into the Sports rotation.  I would be running like a chicken with its head cut off on the field while parents were texting buddies on their phones.  They brought lawn chairs and I actually once caught them sitting around talking about someone's extramarital affair with a 20-something year old.  It was emotional taxing, I say!  I understand that not everyone is athletic (ahem...I'm one of those non-athletic people!), but would hurt these leaders to watch the event and once in a blue moon, support their charges, "Yay, Billy! Good kick!"  No, it would not hurt.  Not one bit.

Okay...I know what matters it that the boys had a great time.  I even have a few pictures to prove it!

A'2 den during the rodeo events, as a den with their flag, and during their end-of-camp performance:

A1 with his buddy, whom he first met in preschool when they were only 3, his den neatly lined up, his den not so neatly lined up, and their end-of-camp performance:

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