28 June 2013


(Eek!  This didn't publish yesterday.)

The boys have been out of school for less than a week and it looks like a tornado hit the place.  I'm convinced the house is a mess because we have too many things.  And I'm convinced we have too many things because I'm a consumer extraordinaire and a total wimp when it comes to appeasing whiny children.  Both the disorderliness and the conspicuous consumption need to end!  I'm going to go through this entire house with a fine-tooth comb for items that can be discarded or donated.  It's probably best to take it one room at a time so I'm going to start with the living and dining rooms.  They're museum spaces meant to looked at from afar, but not genuinely lived in, so it will be easy to check them off my list.  Starting slowly will bolster me with enough false bravado to conquer the rest of the house this summer!  But I still have cassette mix tapes that I made in high school so it could take longer than I anticipate.

iPhone photos from today's beach trip (I don't know why I'm constantly clarifying whether the image was captured on the DSLR--I'd like to think that I'm the same photographer regardless of the temporary changes in instrumentation):

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