24 June 2013

Shaving cream

A2 had a shaving cream day at school.

I thought it was so neat that I arranged for one at home!  The week before we had 24 kids over, but I lowered the invite count to only 10 kids so it would be manageable (no worries, the House of Huynh is still the party house--the week after, we ballooned back up to nearly 30!).

Afterwards, one of the dads allowed the kids to use him a human diving board by standing on his shoulders before being tossed into the pool!

So now we've been randomly been using shave cream whenever it pleases us:


Michelle said...

SHAVING CREAM!! I love loading up at the dollar store. I may bite off this idea for a shaving cream themed playdate, ahahaha!

Lam said...

Do it! Barbasol is cheap and goes a long way. Each kid only got a single can and there was still tons left over in all but 1 can. And it cleaned up very quickly and easily, no stains and no damage to the lawn (or children) whatsoever.