25 June 2013

Seems that I'm blogging daily!

RunKeeper told me our hike in the hills today went for 2.2 miles.  But the best part is that we reversed directions from last time and still managed to shave a full 10 minutes off the total even though it was harder to go uphill today.  The boys want to keep training until we get even better.  Such a worthy goal!

After the hike, they took a quick (ahem...2 hours' worth, that is) dip in the pool.  What a sigh of relief it was when I initially discovered the boys were water safe. I was totally ecstatic that first moment when I could walk away from the pool to get a glass of water from the kitchen or engage in some equally mundane task.  I was probably prouder at that point than when they first learned to walk or talk, or even when they were first potty trained!

We still managed to squeeze in our daily goal of reading (Yay, Kindle for reducing the number of trips we have to take to the library!), math worksheets, and piano.  The writing prompt today was the same as yesterday in that it was a journal entry with an opening, details, and closing, but I compounded the assignment with a "see not say" component by asking them to add adjectives that help my visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile senses truly experience their narrative.

Following are iPhone pics of our after-dinner skateboarding adventure at the park (I couldn't carry the giant DSLR because I was on my own skateboard!) when the boys decided to use bellies, backs, and booties on the board instead of feet.  It's not much of a downward slope so I wasn't too nervous:

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