25 June 2013

In recuperation

Last Thursday was the final day of school and I invited A1's entire class over to swim.  I hadn't finished everything I set out to do and I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that I can't possibly get it all done--being Room Parent in both their classes really left me unhinged this year.  In all honesty, even the mention of my failure here has me shivering a bit so maybe I've not really come to terms with anything at all!

The following day, I invited a few folks over for the usual Friday playdate at our house, but they suggested I relinquish control and hand over the reins so I could relax.  I'm really glad we went swimming at a friend's house because we all had a great time and I was able to start recuperating from the 2 hours of sleep I'd had two night before.  I'm giving people permission to slap me upside the head should I falter and end up Room Parent x 2 again next year.

Today, I wanted to start implementing my summer program of daily reading, (usually math) workbook, piano, and writing (today's prompt was to compose an end-of-day journal entry with an opening sentence, 3-4 supporting sentences, and a closing sentence).  It was such a success that we were able to squeeze tons of free play and 2 trips to the park, one via bicycle and another later on via car. 

The boys in the library courtyard:

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