26 May 2013

Second grade report

A1 worked his little heart out on his ancestry project.  We would have done Viet Nam, but 3 of the kids in his class (of only 15!) were doing Viet Nam.  We would have opted for Ireland but the only white kid in his class is Irish so that was out too. 

At first, A1 was pretty sad to have to research his Bavarian ancestors, but it turned out to be a truly marvelous personal and academic journey!  He learned that his Catholic ancestors left after the Franco-Prussian war when King Ludwig II supported the installation of Kaiser Wilhelm I.  The Kaiser's Prime Minister, Protestant Otto von Bismarck, tried to put the Catholic church under state control and out fled A1's forefathers toward the open arms of America.

Here he is holding his Bavarian victory Thaler, minted after the crushing defeat of France by the joint German forces.

Don't worry!  I can't let a whole post go by without my usual complaints.

One day a few weeks back, I walked into the classroom and saw that one of the aforementioned Vietnamese kids was working on the communist flag (yellow star on red background) instead of the only flag I've ever seen recognized in these beautiful United States (3 red strips on a yellow background).

I screamed!  Really.  I actually shrieked in terror.

I had a fit trying to explain to A1's teacher that most who have made it to these welcoming shores would readily incur bodily harm before recognizing that flag of murderers and rapists who have bled the country dry.  It was, in fact, the eve of Black April and I promised her that I would trek to Little Sai Gon if she needed proof that flag burnings still occurred.  But she was satisfied with the newspaper clippings I printed out from the various states and local California cities that have officially recognized the striped flag.  She was startled when I told her that it was analogous to shoving a swastika in our Jewish classmate's face and telling her to honor it as a symbol of her personal history.

Say what you will about the Twilight trilogy, but I became an unexpected fan when I saw the striped flag displayed in the cafeteria among the other world flags.

End of rant.  Shrieking now contained.

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Michelle said...

A1's project looks AWESOME! (In fact, it looks better than some of my high school presentations...)

There is a definite bonus of having to check multiple boxes in the "ethnicity" category. RESEARCH ALL THE BACKGROUNDS! I can't wait to do some ancestry discovery projects of our own when TLE's a bit older. (It will be as much for my benefit as her own.)

Yikes about the flag thing, though. It's good that you caught it before they