28 April 2013

The coveting

...oh so much coveting.  What kind of hobbyist would I be if I weren't in a constant state of yearning?

A little while ago, the Nikkor 85mm, 1.4Gs went on instant rebate for over $200 off.  I hemmed and hawed too long and missed the opportunity to possess the so-called Cream Machine.  I mean, even in the best light, my cheap 50mm, 1.4 renders some hinky bokeh:

So, of course, I'm now obsessing over what could have been.  But it's not as if I wouldn't make the same (non)decision if faced with the choice again.  I just can't justify that kind of purchase when I'm no longer generating income from my equipment.  My current gear is still overkill when it comes to capturing memories of the boys' days.  And if I chant that last phrase over and over in my head, I might actually start to convince myself of it!

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