20 April 2013

Recent Pack events

There's a local Pack that has lots of parent volunteers but not enough Scouts to fill the Dens.  Our Pack has exactly the opposite problem.  We have lots and lots of boys being dropped off by uninvolved parents.  Since we are so top heavy, we have been foregoing the organized Pack meetings for community events.  It's actually been a rather nice break!

We cleaned graffiti:

We went inline skating at our Chartered Organization (check out A2's photo bomb attempt).  A2 loved it so much, he joined their hockey classes!

We visited the Newport Sea Base during their annual Open House--and managed to see a water jet pack in action!

And today, we celebrated Earth Day at the Back Bay.  There were tons of booths with crafts and activities and lots and lots of live animal displays but for some reason, I only have these 2 images from the entire day!  Admittedly, it is a super cute hedgehog.

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