20 April 2013

Neither here nor there

When I first stepped foot on US soil, I was 6 years old.  I recall my cohort being termed the 1.5 generation.  We didn't have the American roots of the second generation born here in the States but we also didn't have enough of the grounding history from our native countries as did our parents who had reached adulthood there.  I often felt a bit lost and never quite enough regardless of the circle in which I was mingling.  Sometimes I wonder if analogous feelings will arise in the boys.

Not quite white enough in a mainly Caucasian crowd...

And still, somehow not quite yellow enough in a mainly Asian crowd.

We are fortunate enough to live in a fairly liberal and forward-thinking part of the country, but these issues are still relevant even if we often sweep them under the rug as if eliminating them from our lips were the same as eliminating them from our hearts and minds. 

Oh well, at least I know that on Mustache Day at school, they are bushy enough. ;)

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