20 April 2013

Dog people

About a month ago, we said our final goodbyes to Paxil after 15 years of loyal service to our family as best friend, comedian, athletic coach, and all-around ray of sunshine.  I didn't think we would get another dog.  It's far too much responsibility for the kids and I knew I didn't want to be the one to shoulder it all.

I was wrong.  We are dog people and we have no choice but to have a furry companion share our home.  Anna Banana is a Golden Retriever from a local breeder.  I've always loved the notion of adopting adult mutts from shelter (as was the case with Paxil), but she is obviously a puppy, much to my simultaneous joy and dismay.

Because it's perfectly normal to plop your children and new puppy in a field of flowers for photos:

They say never to share your bed with the dog because dominance issues arise.  We ignore this reasonable advice.

It's quite a change going from an inactive geriatric dog to a puppy who is into everything--including the red Christmas ornaments that turned her tongue fluorescent!


Michelle said...

PUPPY~! I'm sure Paxil is having fun at the Rainbow Bridge. Anna Banana looks like a delight!

Lam said...

She is a fuzzy ball of chewing, house peeing and pooping delight! I have decided that I am a dog person, but I am not necessarily a PUPPY person. :)