28 April 2013

The coveting

...oh so much coveting.  What kind of hobbyist would I be if I weren't in a constant state of yearning?

A little while ago, the Nikkor 85mm, 1.4Gs went on instant rebate for over $200 off.  I hemmed and hawed too long and missed the opportunity to possess the so-called Cream Machine.  I mean, even in the best light, my cheap 50mm, 1.4 renders some hinky bokeh:

So, of course, I'm now obsessing over what could have been.  But it's not as if I wouldn't make the same (non)decision if faced with the choice again.  I just can't justify that kind of purchase when I'm no longer generating income from my equipment.  My current gear is still overkill when it comes to capturing memories of the boys' days.  And if I chant that last phrase over and over in my head, I might actually start to convince myself of it!


Went for a quick walk at the park:

Saw this (just above my watermark):

And decided we should just head home.


8 is great!

I've been feeling a bit frazzled lately.  I gave A1 a birthWEEK celebration by bringing treats to his class all week long.

This wouldn't be such a big deal, but I've also been in Kindergarten to help with the last minute prep for the class play.

And with the 7:30am-4pm BALOO training yesterday, I feel like I haven't seen the house (read: cleaned the house) in a few weeks!  I can't wait until summer!

Sequoia National Forest

We love it here.

The rocks are bigger.

The cones are bigger.

The felled trunks are bigger (notice A2 is still hanging onto his giant pine cone here).

Plus, we can always find pockets of snow!

Jelly Belly factory tour

Because there were no photos allowed inside, I only have this single image of them outside the front doors.  It was a great tour even though there's no photographic evidence of such!


Just because I prefer sequoias over redwoods doesn't make the latter any less grand.

On the way north, we visited a few more beaches:


If there's a sign, the boys will climb it for a pic.  That's just the rule.

A1 was getting a little tired of the scenery for A2 found a huge branch on the ground and solicited James' help to bring the forest to A1 since A1 didn't want to go out into the forest.

He also brought a giant purple-backed clover that he hoped would entice A1.

It worked!

On the way back home, the boys wanted one back romp.  In retrospect, letting them approach the rushing water so closely was not such a great idea.

State beaches

From our spring break road trip, I learned that there are a bazillion state beaches scattered north of San Fran.  I also learned that they are cold and rainy in the spring!

Lazy passenger side pic of the Golden Gate:

Alexander Avenue!

Feeling small in the big forest:


Nope, not digital noise.  Those are rain drops capture at high shutter speed.

A2 at the top and A1 at the bottom:

So weird the way they're synchronized:

Quick!  The sun's out--take a pic!

Nope...never mind.  Fog's rollin' back in.

Pinnacles National Monument

We took a quick road trip up through No Cal during the kids' spring break.  The first stop was at Pinnacles, which very recently graduated from National Monument to National Park. 

What's this?  A cave entrance!

It was DARK!  The journey through the inside of this mountain was simply spectacular, but since it was virtually black in there, this is one of the few images I got.

20 April 2013

Prompted pics

And in the "Mama, Mama, take a picture" category, we have A1 catching bubbles without popping them in his hand and A2 having a blast with a squirt bottle of water.  I love cheap kid fun!

She eats, she poops, she grows

With all the housebreaking "accidents" (I've read that puppies cannot really control their bladder and bowel until they're 12 weeks so I'm not holding it against her, but I'm getting pretty tired of it anyhow!), I forget that she's also getting bigger and becoming more and more a part of our family each day.

We met her at a little over 5 pounds but didn't take her home until she was 7 weeks and 11.5 pounds.

She's now 9.5 weeks and 15.5 pounds.  And the change is obvious when I examine these images from today:

What if

...my parents had taken me on a monthly trip to the museum to create art?  Would I still be so self-critical of my creative endeavors?