12 March 2013

She sews!

Quitting photography (the professional end, not the personal end of course!) means that I have more time to sew again.  I've started off slowly but hope this means I can ramp up with some more involved projects soon.

I took a large drip pan purchased from an auto supply shop and covered it with pretty fabric to make a magnetic bulletin board.  The center strip is actually a set of pockets.

I extended the Kindergarten dragon for Lunar New Year.  Okay...I procrastinated and this project ended up taking me HOURS and HOURS to complete.  I'm so pleased with the results, but sheesh!  No more slacking for me.

Not a sewing project, but I'm pretty proud of our Valentine's cards this year.  Their expressions are so different!  A1: "Here's a lollipop for you."  A2: "If you take another step toward me, I'll bop you on the head with this giant lollipop!"

I embellished a pre-fab apron for the Kinder 100 Days of School celebration.

Because I'm exceedingly lazy, I couldn't be bothered to make separate birthday crowns.  So I made one that would accommodate rotating numbers.

Superhero masks are worn here daily regardless of the activity.

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