12 March 2013

Read Across America

We celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday in Kinder!  After seeing this display at the library,

I thought I'd made my own forest of Truffula trees.  I was wrong.  I lost motivation after 5.

This is a horrible phone shot of the ham plate I blew up and laminated...

to play Pin the Green Egg on the Plate!  Yes, I sewed 40 green felt eggs.

And finally, here are my marshmallow and licorice Cat in the Hat hats.

These projects show I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.


Michelle said...

Dr. suess birthday! Our playgroup did a playdate around that :)

I really wonder how this generation of children will look back on their childhoods, as augmented by Pinterest projects. Poor TLE will be to write memoirs of Mommy and the epidemic of failed Pinterest ideas that littered her childhood.

Lam said...

I almost won't ever pin a project if I don't think I will follow through within a few weeks. It's like creating an item to check off your list after you've already completed it...it's my cheater's way of feeling like a Pinterest winner. :)