12 March 2013

A close to our Wolf year

What a ragtag, motley crew!  By the way, never stand at the end of a row when being shot up close with a wide angle lens...I look all stretched out in our yearbook pic!  Below it is a quick shot of us doing some marshmallow & toothpick structures during our last official meeting toward Wolf requirements.

Even though I ushered all the boys toward their Wolf rank badge, we still meet as a Pack.  We went to UCI's observatory and heard a cool lecture and peered through the giant telescope.  Yes, these are stinky black photos.  Just use your imagination...

And for all that effort, I figure I might as well casually present both the Belt Loop and Pin requirement for Astronomy to those boys who attended.  Pajama Day at school meant that these boys were EXTREMELY casual even as we went to Home Depot for more PVC for post-Astronomy fun.

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