18 March 2013

Easter projects

I wasn't in the mood to teach fractions today so I had the kids make Easter crafts instead.  And apparently, I wasn't in the mood for proper photography either...these shots stink!  At least the kids look happy.

Spring means daffodils, the paper pinwheel kind in our case.

These bunny cups are for holding treats.  A2's bunny looks like he's had a few too many!

These are TP roll bunnies are merely decorative.  The results on this project were...uh...mixed.

These Easter Lilies are made from curling the fingers from the kids' handprints.  Moderately creepy looking when seen in person.

Kindergarten parade

A2's first year of preschool had a parade that was beyond compare.  His second year of preschool had a more sedate version.  And now, his Kindergarten class goes even quieter.  Since I was cut from the "more is more" cloth, this trend makes me a little sad.

But he hardly notices because that smile tells me he's still having a great time:

I secretly had all the kids trace and cut out all their handprints for personalized birthday messages to their teacher--her birthday is in July but I wanted to use a rainbow in keeping with the St. Patrick's Day theme.  On one of the clouds, I composed a little poem for her.  Kindergarten-level poetry is a specialty of mine.

12 March 2013

Yarn webs

I picked up a skein on clearance and let them at it.

After a while, they got tired of doing it manually so they started pitching it to each other.  Let's hope they study hard because, let's face it, these boys are not going to college on sports scholarships with those arms!

So much goes on in our lives that I truly treasure these simple family moments.


I loved it so much when I was a kid.  It's good to know that it's still as awesome today as it was then.  Beware the Tongue of Concentration!

Unfortunately, only one brother can use it at a time so the other one has to occupy himself with something else.  A2 choose a balloon for this task.

Our old friend OCMA

OCMA takes a few months off in the winter from their Second Sunday program and the boys really missed it.

Here are the covers of their sketchbook, spin art (used a salad spinner to force glue outward and then added colored sand), and posters:


My favorite project of the day was a paint sprayer.  The boys created an aluminum foil armature skeleton and then covered it in clay.  Then they sprayed paint through it.  It was fantastic "boy" stuff.  A1 made a vomiting man who was sitting and holding his hands up to his face and A2 made a urinating hexapus (he called it this because he say he didn't feel like making the final 2 arms of his originally planned octopus):

Read Across America

We celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday in Kinder!  After seeing this display at the library,

I thought I'd made my own forest of Truffula trees.  I was wrong.  I lost motivation after 5.

This is a horrible phone shot of the ham plate I blew up and laminated...

to play Pin the Green Egg on the Plate!  Yes, I sewed 40 green felt eggs.

And finally, here are my marshmallow and licorice Cat in the Hat hats.

These projects show I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.

Rainbows and shamrocks

I had them paint a long strip of watercolor paper and then cut into quarters for graphic presentation.

I broke out the contact paper again!


Mormon Rocks

We took a quick day trip that had us through 3 different counties in one day!

Photos that don't fit anywhere

Sometime I feel generous (or have something to do and need to occupy the boys!) and throw a new Lego set at them.

We went to beautiful Carbon Canyon Regional Park and this was the only pic I got!

I don't know if I never posted this pic of cherry blossoms the boys made using the bottom of a 2-liter soda bottle.

A1's class:

The neighbor's tree

There is a fantastically huge pepper tree next door.  It makes A2 happy!

Shaving cream marbling

Oh my goodness, I'm tired of this activity!  But the kids love it, so what can I do?

It was originally intended as a St. Patrick's Day rainbow project.  In case you're wondering what a 2nd dipping into the same over-swirled shaving cream looks like, check out the 2nd photo of the comparison.

She sews!

Quitting photography (the professional end, not the personal end of course!) means that I have more time to sew again.  I've started off slowly but hope this means I can ramp up with some more involved projects soon.

I took a large drip pan purchased from an auto supply shop and covered it with pretty fabric to make a magnetic bulletin board.  The center strip is actually a set of pockets.

I extended the Kindergarten dragon for Lunar New Year.  Okay...I procrastinated and this project ended up taking me HOURS and HOURS to complete.  I'm so pleased with the results, but sheesh!  No more slacking for me.

Not a sewing project, but I'm pretty proud of our Valentine's cards this year.  Their expressions are so different!  A1: "Here's a lollipop for you."  A2: "If you take another step toward me, I'll bop you on the head with this giant lollipop!"

I embellished a pre-fab apron for the Kinder 100 Days of School celebration.

Because I'm exceedingly lazy, I couldn't be bothered to make separate birthday crowns.  So I made one that would accommodate rotating numbers.

Superhero masks are worn here daily regardless of the activity.