07 February 2013

3 Valentine's crafts and 1 dog

Radiating hearts

Strips of paper to make concentric hearts

Tissue squares on contact paper

And then when the kids go to bed, this one hangs out with me while I clean.  Okay...so, these days, his idea of hanging with me is sleeping.  Still.  I love this geriatric mutt.

Hangar open house

Ours is a family with a deep love of aeronautics so when the local hangars that sit on the now defunct Marine base opened their doors, we were there!  No photos were allowed inside, so all I have a few lousy exterior shots (that's our van in the first shot):

PVC play

We went to Home Depot and I dropped $20 on some PVC.  And then this happened:

Pinewood Derby



Winning (top in his Den, 4th in the Pack):


First beach day of the year

On 20 Jan, we decided to head out to the beach. And we were pretty much the only people who had this asinine idea:

It was pretty chilly out there.  A1 wasn't having any of it!

I encouraged him to go out with his brother, but this was as far as he went.

So here are shots of A2, who is impervious to the cold.