13 January 2013

Lunar New Year projects

Why does the phrase "Chinese New Year" persist? I don't know! But I do know that I'm not contributing to the problem. Any-I'm too obsessed about these minor details-how, here we have a lantern and a loopy snake (yes, 2013 is for our reptilian friends):

Lucky fish for the new year using hearts that I punched out of construction paper and ink cherry blossoms--the ink was blown into shape with straws and the flowers are tissue paper.

Here is another snake--it was cut from a spiral on a single sheet of paper. They're also holding their drum/noisemakers that have beads that beat against the paper plate when they twist the craft stick back and forth.

And this is a totally random pic from one of their Thanksgiving projects. They're called Thankful Pumpkins but I prefer to call them Gratitude Gourds because I'm a slave to alliteration.
Oh look! I have a "crafting" label that I haven't used in a long time...I think I'll put it in use!

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Michelle said...

Our version of Lunar New Year here is going to a Vietnamese deli, getting a bunch of sweets and stuffing ourselves silly though I'm trying to think up some projects for TLE, too. Love that snake project!!

I grew up with the phrase "Chinese New Year". Other cultures celebrating the Lunar New Year were more like a line item, so much so that I didn't even realize that Vietnamese celebrated the Lunar New Year until a Vietnamese classmate in junior high mentioned all the money he got for his new year.