13 January 2013

In the vernacular

When I tell the boys I'm taking them to the park, they don't picture sandboxes and concrete.  See how confused and suspicious A1 looks here:

Because when I say park, they assume they will be somewhere far away from play structures. They figure they will monkey around amongst the trees.  Like this:

Lunar New Year projects

Why does the phrase "Chinese New Year" persist? I don't know! But I do know that I'm not contributing to the problem. Any-I'm too obsessed about these minor details-how, here we have a lantern and a loopy snake (yes, 2013 is for our reptilian friends):

Lucky fish for the new year using hearts that I punched out of construction paper and ink cherry blossoms--the ink was blown into shape with straws and the flowers are tissue paper.

Here is another snake--it was cut from a spiral on a single sheet of paper. They're also holding their drum/noisemakers that have beads that beat against the paper plate when they twist the craft stick back and forth.

And this is a totally random pic from one of their Thanksgiving projects. They're called Thankful Pumpkins but I prefer to call them Gratitude Gourds because I'm a slave to alliteration.
Oh look! I have a "crafting" label that I haven't used in a long time...I think I'll put it in use!


We love our crazy, unplanned road trips!  This one took us all the way to Utah to a tubing park.

The boys saw snow and asked James to stop the van so here we are at a random exit off the highway!  Of course, the first thing they did was try to have a snowball fight.

We stopped to refuel and this was the amazingly beautiful lot adjacent to the gas station.  We just walked over while James was pumping.

And here are some shots at the tubing park.

James swung the boys round and round...

A1 pretended to be roasting marshmallows with a clump of snow:

All in all, a great time was had!

Christmas Day

Last night I got my email inbox down to a manageable 150 emails.  Now I'm finally blogging our Christmas so I'm feeling like I'm finally catching up to my own life!

This was the boys when they first woke up.  They wanted to open up their presents right away but James wasn't awake yet so I needed to stall a bit.  I asked if they would go around the house posing with the decorations since I would have to take them down soon.  They obliged, but this first shot was the only one with genuine smiles. 
See?  Fakes smiles here on in...

I didn't really snap any shots of them opening presents--just this one with the Hulk fists because A2 specifically asked for it.

Stocking stuffer: Silly String!!