23 December 2012

Winter class parties

...because I imagine that if I called them Christmas parties, I'd have to stand before some sort of public school tribunal.  (Aside: I'm clearly not offended by the term "Christmas party" but "Chinese New Year" drives me completely batty!)

I'm not sure I'm ever going volunteer (read: allow myself to be appointed) Room Parent in both classrooms again.  Strangely, even though the Kinder party lasted only an hour, I did much more prep work for them than I did for the 2nd grade party which lasted from the 8:15 opening bell of school until the very end of the day.

By the way, I will also never again opt for the cheaper route because the right tool makes the job so much easier.  I should have sprung for the dedicated round punch because the circle cutter took forever to cut through the photos--I had to use a straight blade for most of the circles because they were scored but not fully pierced through.  Bleah.

A2 decorated upside-down sugar cones to make winter trees (why are there no sprinkles in this pic?) and the usual sugar cookies. 

He then glued glitter tissue paper to an empty baby food jar to make a tea light holder.  I usually include a lesson plan/info sheet and meant to create one about the winter solstice, and light being used on Christmas trees and in Hanukkah and Kwanza traditions but I spaced it.  At least I added a poem to the project.  Kindergarten-level poems are a specialty of mine!

Snowmen ornaments using those photos in the image above as the face.

A1's party started with 5 centers of games, academic activities, a card making center with far too much paint (Yay! I love TOO MUCH paint.), an open option photo ornament station, and an area to work on the bells for use later on in the day for caroling.

After recess, they decorated goodies and practiced their singing.  I tried to compile holiday songs without the word Christmas in the lyrics that's just about impossible so I didn't bother.  I court trouble, eh?

They ended the day by caroling around campus.  Note to self: Children are incapable of singing Feliz Navidad without musical accompaniment! 


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