23 December 2012

Off the table

I hung out with a friend a few weeks ago and she casually asked if the homeschooling option were on my radar of late and I, without hesitation, replied that it was not.  This may be the first time ever that it's been off the table.  I realize that the kids' needs are being met...sometimes well, sometimes very well.  I have my own issues, what with the over-volunteerism and all, but that's not related to how well the classroom is working for the boys.  Of course, this could just be a temporary reaction to that week's events.  First, I witnessed a lesson of depth and complexity being taught in Kinder and then the Second Grade teacher drastically reduced homework (A1 usually has sooooooo much homework!) and mentioned that she would watch carefully where she would put a well-meaning but utterly incompetent (my horrifying description, not hers!) parent who was the source of so much consternation on my part.

In general, I think the boys have a pretty balanced day.  They often end it with a trip to the park where hand-feeding peacocks is a normal and regular event.

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