18 December 2012

Monday study group

I don't so much have the kids studying as totally goofing off all the time! 

Both of these girls are slated to enter different junior highs in the district and that has me wondering if we made the right choice to attend the district's magnet school.  Drawing its student population from the entire city (and beyond) means that the kids are scattered to the wind after fifth grade...such a tender time in pre-adolescence to be forced to dissolve those social bonds!

These kids see each other a lot!  They're in school together all day and then we hang out together afterwards.  Here they are on a boat in Newport.

This is the seagull who saw our snacks and knew better than to leave the bow.  

And this...well, it's evidence that I love those 70s film presets too much.

We followed this day up with another at the park!  See?  What am I going to do when they have to go to different sixth grade campuses?

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