12 December 2012


James personally cut and assembled nearly 50 kits for our Pack's November meeting--he'd been diligently working on it since this summer!  I bet when he decided to become Cubmaster, he didn't think it would involve this much woodworking.  Still, it was totally worth it to see all the boys be so proud of their construction and having so much fun in their marksmanship contest.  James even spray painted the wooden ball ammunition in orange, yellow, light blue, maroon & forest colors to match the ranks.

A1 working on his model:

The boys are in the first shot but I wanted to snap a pic of the other side of the circle as well.  No one put an eye out that night.  Yay!!  By the way, that stellar target made with green painters' tape was all me.  Heh.  Not much of a contribution, I know.

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