18 December 2012

A visit with Santa

I'm terrified of the mall during the holiday season--crowds are definitely not my thing.  We normally bypass all the long lines by riding the Christmas Train, a local seasonal attraction that takes the kids up to a beautifully decorated North Pole.  But this year, I passed on it thinking that the boys had gotten too old to enjoy it.  They corrected me.  So I had to scramble for their Santa experience.  Fortunately, my totally awesome MOMS Club throws a party every year for the kids.  Yay!

We brought undecorated cupcakes as the craft/activity.  I found a new recipe that I loved, but 5 dozen later, I think I'm done for quite a while.  I'm no baker!

A2 has a healthy skepticism, mostly because I've never perpetuated the fallacy.  He was harassing our poor Santa for as much info as he could squeeze out of him.

Oh, really?  But then how did Santa know your name and bring you EXACTLY what you wanted?  Magic, baby!  That's how.

This one knows exactly what's going on but he wants his present anyhow so he clammed up instead of persisting on his fact finding mission.

This is probably because A1 was the oldest child there by nearly a year.  That's big difference in kid time!

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