28 November 2012


Since I carried A1, I have only exercised twice.  I mean the purposeful kind, the that variety of exercise in the process of chasing after children who prance about with wild abandon.  I need to do more because I felt great after both occasions!  Plus, it has the added benefit of making me unavailable to spend the entire day on the kids' campus.

These pics are so random.  They are neither related to the text above nor to each other!  But they've been sitting in my "to be blogged" folder for so long that I need to use them.

Why do they fashion weapons out of everything they find?

This was the first movie I'd seen in the theater since I become a mom!  I do admit to waiting in line so that we could be among the first to see it when I was originally released.  But in my defense, the rest of us were just there to suppose the 1 super fan.  I love that it's misspelled. 

Our chalkboard is really work out very well to reduce our use of paper.  Even when I use scratch paper, I feel guilty.  We even shred everything and turn it into bedding for Mr. Fur Christopher, but I'm still riddled with guilt.  You know, as I type all that out, I realize that guilt might be more of a personality trait than a real reaction to the situation.

Here is A2 in class.  Now that I'm no longer officially the class photographer, I have the same amount of photos of my own kids and SIGNIFICANTLY less work!  Sounds like I made the right decision.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Is that Braeking Dawn the Celtic version or something? I'm looking forward to seeing it and finishing the series.

I don't know what it is about boys in particular that I keep hearing stories from non-violent mothers how they'll pick up anything and make it into a weapon (versus a Homo Habilis-type tool!).

Guilt as a personality trait! Hm.

Lam said...

Do you know about the film and how it deviates (though the author herself disagrees on this point) from the book? It was so neat to hear the gasps from the other moviegoers. I'd forgotten the thrill of a group theater experience.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

People have been telling me about the gasping!!

I don't know how it deviates so I'm curious to see. I don't know what the author has to say about it, either.

Lam said...

Her official comment is that it doesn't deviate from the book, it merely expands upon a single sentence that is actually in the book but not fleshed out. It was fun. Not so gaspy for me, but still fun.

Michelle said...

My first thought seeing the makeshift weapons pic: "They're gonna be JUST FINE in a zombie apocalypse!"

And Asian guilt... I always took for granted that it's hard coded :)