28 November 2012

Time keeps marching on

...regardless of my plaintive cries and other displays of consternation.

A2 always watches his big brother from the safety of solid ground but finally joined him on the rock wall.  It was so sweet the way A1 was giving him pointers.

The downstairs had been cleared of all toys!  I am in the process of creating a study room with desks for all three of us (James has his own private office downstairs so he's not relegated to common areas like us!).  These trucks went to a friend who just started teaching preschool this year.

After watching his big brother get funky colored hair, A2 finally gets to join in on Crazy Hair Day at school!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I don't see the hair colors!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Subscribing so I can find out!

Lam said...

LOL. Vibrant pink and purple!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

It's interesting how I just see their hair color and not the coloring!

Michelle said...

Awww, the awesome toy room is cleared out? But yay for deskspace!