26 November 2012

The Halloween roundup

It seems that around this time every year (i.e., after Thanksgiving), I have to backtrack and post a bazillion Halloween images in a single, bloated post because the run-up to the holiday season always throws me for a loop.  So why should this year be any different--it's not as if I learned from the past or anything silly like that. 

I stayed up late the night before A2's class party and got everything ready.  I had a bat clothespin project, a pumpkin windsock and bags ready for trick-or-treating.  Yes...each project came with an instruction sheet with discussion topics/lesson plans.  I'm a PITA like that.

I brought oranges as part of the snack that day.  I meant to give every one a different look but after 5, I was drained of clever ideas.  

I resorted to a generic Jack-O-Lantern face.

Halloween costumes are not a special event for us.  The boys just went into their closets that morning and decided on an outfit for the day from their many options.  Wet hair means it's the beginning of the school day:

Here they are that afternoon with their oh-so-natural facial expressions at the community Halloween event.  As usual, they were happy about the games, but completely thrilled by the live show.

In lieu of walking our neighborhood, we went to our local Old Town and scrounged for candy there.

The Great Park is always a great place for crafts, shows, and games.  We went right as it opened and that meant no crowds.  Woohoo!

I love the small town feel of unexpectedly running into friends at these events.

The sky was REALLY dark that day!

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