28 November 2012

Really...we're not hermits

I don't like to expose others' children needlessly so I don't post many pics with the boys' friends in them.  And even when I do, I add a label so that I have access to all of them at once in case I need to clear those posts at a later point. 

But I'm wondering if the boys review their blog and question why they're never with anyone else.  So here is the quick remedy!

I grab these two classmates every Monday.  In our 3 hours together, we usually explore an animal (chosen the previous week), make an art project, sing a few songs, and go over some homework.  On those occasions when I've had art out and invited boys over to the house, A1 is left sitting by himself while the boys explore outside.  Obviously he loves to run and climb, but he loves art WAY more!

I realize these birthday party pics don't feature other kids...but still!  Maybe they'll remember that I actually escort them to parties instead of making them stay home alone.

Nothing says social activity like a team sport!  A2 had such a great time, I'm sure he'll want to do it again next season.  But I don't know about the whole coaching thing.  I might not be so well suited to it!

We hosted the End of Season party.  I love these goofballs!

Okay, so you can't see her, but the boys invited their cousin skating.  Man, that sort of defeats the purpose of this whole post, eh?


Michelle said...

Oh, this must have been when she was hiding in the penalty box, huh? :)

Lam said...

Oh yeah...I bet she's right behind you!