26 November 2012

Quick road trip

Man, I love road trips!  This time, we ended up in Arizona.

This museum is on 150 acres and has hundreds and hundreds of aircraft.  We also toured the adjacent "boneyard" that was so massive, it was only accessible by tour bus.  And still...not a single image of the planes on the grounds!

I visited this National Park during one of massive road trips while in graduate school.  It was nice to return with the boys and to see it through their eyes.

A1 got up too high and had to be escorted back down.  He's giving me the "all clear" signal.

See A2's itty bitty head peeking out?

Joshua Tree is one of our family's favorite spots so we took a quick visit on the way back home.

I'm thrilled and horrified by this image of A1 in full aerial mode.


Michelle said...

Love the As with the signs pictures. Yay, road trips! You guys visit some great places.

Whoa, what a fantastic yet terrifying shot of A1! If TLE tried that, I'd have a heart attack.

Lam said...

I get nervous for A1, but I'm much more terrified by A2 since he is not accurate assessor of his own skills. A1 rarely gets hurt because he's rather cautious. If he's jumped, it's because it's well within his capacity. Still...so many things can go wrong!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah, Saguaro...

Lam said...

I should really scan the pics from those old road trips!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

It would be a nice way to preserve them.