29 November 2012

Personal sessions

Not being rushed all season long with professional sessions means I get to give the boys their own personal sessions!  I know I sound like a broken record, but a great camera is the best baby (and big kid) gear ever.

28 November 2012

Joshua Tree...again!

(I'm testing to see if 800px across on the long side is too still too big for me to handle!)

These trips hardly deserve photos anymore--we are there so very often!  Since the last trip, A1 has taken to jumping from rock to rock.  This would probably be just fine except he started doing it with rocks in his hand and teaching his little brother the same tricks!

I try and try to get a nice closeup, but always end up with them in wacky poses or even running away from the camera.

Of course, I quickly remember the awful-ness that is closeup shots of the boys staring into the camera with fake smiles pasted on their faces!

Last pic of the day...and we revert back to the silliness.

Aunty's wedding

My cousin got married and the boys were awake enough to attend the cocktail hour.  I snapped some pics so I'm going to try that large format again.  These pics are HUGE!

A1 was fascinated by the disco ball.

So he led his brother to empty dance floor.

I couldn't get them to stop moving until we discovered the candy bar!  A2 was mesmerized.

Then they got over their initial shock and turned into hoarders.

Cub Scout camping

Back in October we went beach camping with the Pack.

I was sitting far enough away that A2 didn't realize I was watching (and photographing) him.  So he's dancing with the seagulls and pretending to shoot the waves as they approach.

There was practically no light left but I knew if I didn't sneak a pic of myself in, I wouldn't allow the unshowered version of myself to be photographed later on in the weekend.

Time keeps marching on

...regardless of my plaintive cries and other displays of consternation.

A2 always watches his big brother from the safety of solid ground but finally joined him on the rock wall.  It was so sweet the way A1 was giving him pointers.

The downstairs had been cleared of all toys!  I am in the process of creating a study room with desks for all three of us (James has his own private office downstairs so he's not relegated to common areas like us!).  These trucks went to a friend who just started teaching preschool this year.

After watching his big brother get funky colored hair, A2 finally gets to join in on Crazy Hair Day at school!

Thanksgiving projects & class celebrations

In order to create a menu of options from which A2's Kinder teacher could choose for the class party, the boys took a few test runs.  They had a great time with their various projects!  Sorry for the wet hair--these are before-school shots because their mop tops have time to air dry.  And these are not the best projects in the world.  But I needed ones that would be quick and easy for Kindergartners since each center is only allotted 10 minutes per rotation.

Pine cone turkeys

Handprint Mayflower

The teacher actually chose these two projects--a paper mosaic maize form and a teepee (yes, my construction instructions had history and discussion topics!)

A2 seems unimpressed by the turkey fingerprints.

I actually ended up having the kid also make "friendship fruit salad" for each other.  And no one got stabbed by the butter knives!

What a bunch of turkeys, indeed!  So Cute!  The official class photographer got a nice shot of them and then I forced them to do this:

A2 didn't think the class photo showcased his creations well enough so he demanded these pics:

Then A1 said told me it was his turn for a pic.
As for the 2nd grade party, it was simply an international potluck.  I knew there would be an Irish dish and numerous Vietnamese dishes so I went with something German.  No, the flags were necessary.  But how could I resist?

Our family Thanksgiving fell on A2's half birthday.  Everyone got to enjoy his cake because I'm the only one who likes pumpkin pie anyhow. 

And then we went to the park!


Since I carried A1, I have only exercised twice.  I mean the purposeful kind, the that variety of exercise in the process of chasing after children who prance about with wild abandon.  I need to do more because I felt great after both occasions!  Plus, it has the added benefit of making me unavailable to spend the entire day on the kids' campus.

These pics are so random.  They are neither related to the text above nor to each other!  But they've been sitting in my "to be blogged" folder for so long that I need to use them.

Why do they fashion weapons out of everything they find?

This was the first movie I'd seen in the theater since I become a mom!  I do admit to waiting in line so that we could be among the first to see it when I was originally released.  But in my defense, the rest of us were just there to suppose the 1 super fan.  I love that it's misspelled. 

Our chalkboard is really work out very well to reduce our use of paper.  Even when I use scratch paper, I feel guilty.  We even shred everything and turn it into bedding for Mr. Fur Christopher, but I'm still riddled with guilt.  You know, as I type all that out, I realize that guilt might be more of a personality trait than a real reaction to the situation.

Here is A2 in class.  Now that I'm no longer officially the class photographer, I have the same amount of photos of my own kids and SIGNIFICANTLY less work!  Sounds like I made the right decision.