01 October 2012


I hate that I love Chris Brown's songs.  I wish his atrocious personal behavior would affect my opinion of his professional endeavors.  But the tunes play and I groove right along.  I'm weak like that.

I hate that I wish ill upon bicyclists.  I see them usurping the rights and privileges of the road but never adhering to the rules of the road or extending the same courtesies they expect from others and I imagine them getting run off the road.  I'm malicious like that.

I hate that I dream endlessly about homeschooling the boys but am too scared or lazy (or both) to do anything about it.

I hate when my mouth utters, "Yes," when my brain is screaming, "No!"

Wow...that's a lot of intense negativity.  At least I dig this guy.  Here is A2 putting the kitchen table's lazy Susan to better use by studying centrifugal force.  Completely on his own, he grabbed it and flung his blocks, sometimes stacked this way or that, sometimes near the center instead of the edge.  I work so hard to create learning experiences for them but it seems that they're rather great experimenters on their own.  (Yes, I said homeschooling, not unschooling--I don't have the nerves for that!)

Wow!  There's another thing to love.  My filthy floor photographs so shiny and clean!

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