01 October 2012

Lessons from the boys

We go to the library very often.  I have an unhealthy need for owning books, but the boys seem to be able to enjoy the literary journey but let go of the physical text. 

In fact, they went through their library of baby books and were able to move out over half of them to a friend's mom who is just starting off as a teacher and asked for items for her classroom.

I should be so brave.  I definitely need clear some space and keeping books to which I'm unlikely ever to return doesn't make any sense. 

It's so strange that I can let go of so many things (baby items are gone without so much as a second thought) but be so attached to books that hold no genuine meaning to me.

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Michelle said...

We're the same way with books. I've kept some college textbooks and computer books that are horribly out of date but it feels like throwing away knowledge. Can't do that.