09 September 2012


What has become of the world?  I was reading an article on The New York Times site by The Associated Press and in the first 3 short paragraphs, there were 2 typos.  And this was not some fluffy lifestyle article--it was a piece on the attacks by insurgents in Iraq.  I'm sure more errors abounded in the rest of the article, but I had to click away. 

Teenagers' texts and Facebook book posts almost require creative destruction of language, but an AP article in the NYTimes?!?

I'm not an altogether unhip person.  I understand why the boys are not being taught cursive writing in school (I have such fond memories of those penmanship lessons!), but will grammar be the next to fly out the window? 

Unrelated photos of the boys follow.  As we approach Fall, it's been getting darker and darker for after-dinner swims.  I love the second shot when the boys finally noticed the low hanging moon and just stood there, marveling at it and discussing its oddness with each other.

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Michelle said...

When in doubt, blame the editor. That's my default excuse as a writer. I blame the fast pace of online journalism in the overall decline in quality -- first to break news is often a factor with lack of grammar and fact checking